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Welcome to our shop of vibrant colours and textures. Where you dream you are in 'ALADDIN'S CAVE', dreaming what to wear and how to design and feel totally lost in a world of pure luxury! This family owned business of 25 years, truly understand each customer needs; whether you are a student, a designer, from the media industry or simply a customer who enjoys fashion.

Fashion schools highly recommend us on their listings. After all today's student can be tomorrows top designer. We are pleased to say that many of the students have won fashion awards using our fabrics. As for our designer based clientele, we understand their requirements. Many are based within top high street stores. Others dress the rich and royals.

The theater and the media industry, have kindly acknowledged us on their list of credits and websites. Our fabrics have been used in 'Harry Potter', 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Strictly Dancing', 'Changing Rooms','Beauty and the Beast', the list is endless.

We look forward to you visiting our cave of Haute Couture to everyday fabrics.......THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!




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Last modified: 10/18/05